ABACUS C-Box 3 active loudspeaker


7 350 kr

Active highend mini loudspeaker with superb sound. C-Box 3 is the No. 1 study monitor in Germany. Price per couple.



Further development of C-Box 2

In the new mini-box dolifet amplifiers (drain-output-load-independent field-effect transistors) are used for even more control and dynamics. Wavecor’s new bass/mid-drivers create even more “pressure”. Thus, the features are as follows:


  • 2-way self-powered speaker system
  • New: ABACUS Dolifet-amplifiers
  • New: Optimized tuning for bass and treble
  • 100% EMF-controlled
  • active frequency crossover
  • cabinet: ca. 1,6 l, closed box
  • New mid-woofer: 100mm/4” Cone from Wavecor for more base pressure
  • tweeter: 25,4mm/1”-neodymium-ring-radiator
  • frequency response: 35 to 20.000 Hz linear (- 6 dB)
  • input: line via RCA
  • adjustment for
    – volume (input sensitivity)
    – bass-EQ
  • M6-thread at the bottom side
  • electronics “Made in Germany”
 The ABACUS C-Box 3 is probably the most compact solution for high-end audio on a table top, for flat screens, in offices, in kitchens or simply anywhere, where great sound is needed in a confined space.
In the ABACUS C-Box 3, the amplifiers operate with an active frequency crossover. Because of the special ABACUS circuitry, the frequency response goes down to 35 Hz. Combined with concrete cabinets from monolit-speakers these loudspeakers become perfect.
In the LED and LCD era, computer monitors and TV screens show a tendency of becoming ever flatter. Unfortunately, sound quality is also getting flatter. There are plenty of computer loudspeakers out there, however almost all of them produce rather mediocre sound.
The ABACUS C-Box is a very compact, high-end hi-fi solution for your desk or for your TV.
If intense sound is not needed, the C3 version of the hi-fi system provides renewed harmony
in spaces that are not too large. The C-BOX also has its place in a multi-channel or surround sound system. And in the field of sound engineering, the C-BOX turns out to be a perfect nearfield monitor.

C-Box 3 is available for different power lines. It comes with a Euro-plug (plug-Typ C (CEE 7/16).
Delivery time is 1-2 weeks.

Additional information

Weight 6.3 kg
Dimensions 210 × 270 × 410 cm

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115, 230


Technical Specifications

Mains voltage: 230V AC, IEC-C7
Power consumption, idle: ca. 2,1 VA
Power consumption, maximum: ca. 30 VA
RMS-power: 25 W
Frequency range: 35-20.000 Hz (-6 dB)
Capacitance: 2*10.000 µF
Net volume of cabinet: 1,6 l
Input level max: 30 Vss
Input impedance: ca. 10 kΩ
Dimensions cabinet (W x D x H): 132×132×202mm
Dimensions overall (W x D x H): 132×155×205,5mm
Weight (piece): 4,6 kg
Dimensions for shipment (stereo pair): 210×510×270mm

Test results

Test results


PDF-Icon Bedienungsanleitung C-Box 3 deutsch

Test-Fazit: Abacus C-Box 2 – Aktiv-Lautsprecher

“Die C-Box 2 ist im Desktopbereich das Beste, was ich bisher zu Hause hatte. Sie vereint die für einen Nahfeldmonitor geforderten Eigenschaften (neutrale tonale Abstimmung, gute Feinauflösung und stereofone Ortungsschärfe) mit einer involvierenden Spielfreude sowie guter Fein- und Grobdynamik. Auch im Heimstudio und als Musikerlautsprecher leistet sie sehr gute Dienste…”

Online-magazine fairaudioABACUS C-Box 2, Rezension von Jochen Reinecke

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“So that’s traffic red.” Testreport in 6moons
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