Markaudio CHR-70 A Generation 3 Black


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4″ High-End fullrange, aluminum membrane


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Product description

The MarkAudio CHR-70 has a light easy sound, a little warm, not so “shaped” so it will suit the listening tastes of many people. Its cone gives much musical detail and makes a very clear sound.



  • The latest model, 3rd generation
  • Synthetic rubber surround
  • Nomex spider
  • Improved voice coil former


Product details

Markaudio CHR-70 Black 4″ Full Range Aluminium Woofer


The CHR-70A (Gen. 3) is now up-dated 4 times since the first model was launched 4 years ago. Its usable

frequency range is class leading. Depending on enclosure design, its capable of operation from 40Hz to 25-kHz.

2 developments further improve the design. An excursion limiter (arrestor) has now been fitted inside the motor

sub-assembly, significantly reducing the risk of over-driving damage. The CHR is now capable of being driven at

higher loads making it suitable for more audio applications. Colour coded custom locking connectors are now

included in this design. Both these features are illustrated in the following page.

The driver has medium efficiency of 85.5dB at 8 Ohms making it easy to use on nearly all small to medium power


Many technical improvements has been done.

1 – Improved stiffer frame.

2 – New cap design with new improved fitting method.

3 – New Japanese deigned coil.

4 – New spider for improved bass.

5 – 2 colour choice (champagne gold and and brush look metal cones)

6 – Built-in overload protection (arrestor in motor sub-assembly)

7 – Dedicated custom colour coded connectors

The new CHR-70 Gen. 3 is an excellent high-end and multi-purpose driver. Its also suitable for many computer,

Home Theatre, TV, and commercial A/V applications.

The driver works well in a suitable cabinet without a filter (see Cabinet Plans).


Technical Specifications

Data sheet as pdf


RE 7.2 Ohm
FS 65.4 Hz
SD 50.2 cm²
VAS 5.17 Lts
CMS 1.44 uM/N
MMD 3.90 g
MMS 4.1 g
QMS 2.66
BL 4.2 TM
QES .69
QTS .55
LE 32.44 uH
SPL 85.4 dB
X MAX 4.3mm

Cabinet Plans

Cabinet Plans on Markaudio’s page


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