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AMT U.Series 60 W with faceplate

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hifiAMT U.Series

Mundorf’s goal: A ‚reduced to the maximum‘ model range of AMT tweeters which cover all possible applications in home- and studio-audio. The development engineers therefore had the task of keeping the design as simple, straightforward and versatile as possible without compromising the central AMT element -the diaphragm- which determines the tweeter‘s final sound quality. Rather, this should be further optimized based on the experience and knowledge gained from more than 15 years of Mundorf’s diaphragm development.

All of Mundorf’s AMT diaphragms are manufactured in-house by a unique manufacturing process of Mundorf’s own development. The mixture of the basic Mundorf diaphragm material was optimized with focus on its acoustic properties, hereafter the manufacturing process was tailored to ensure the very best acoustical result possible with every single diaphragm material mix.

Every detail of Mundorf diaphragm‘s geometry is based on a deep understanding of the mechanical requirements and physical properties of an AMT diaphragm. Only with this knowledge is it possible to achieve the perfect ratio of a low diaphragm weight, the highest possible diaphragm flexibility, and the most effective inner damping at a maximum of diaphragm stability. Even the slightest shift within this well-balanced ratio would lead to audibly worse results.

This out-balanced ratio makes the Mundorf AMT diaphragm one of its kind. Due to its exceptionally high inner damping, it is characterized by extremely low distortion data. This applies particularly to the odd-numbered harmonic distortions K3 and K5.

Embedded in a well-thought-out, optimized overall concept, this membrane technology can reproduce the highest SPL as well as the finest dynamic nuances with extreme low distortion. So, even at very high volume music performance never gets ‘annoying’.

The relatively heavy weight of the diaphragm and its structural stiffness, together with extra strong magnet systems, lead to a remarkably powerful music reproduction down to its resonance frequency!

In addition to the extremely low K3 / K5 distortion data, this is another unique feature of the Mundorf AMT diaphragms.

The correct interaction of diaphragm and damping of its rear volume was also carefully ascertained. In addition to aesthetic aspects, a simple structure easy to produce serially with utmost precision, and a robust over-all finish were crucial for the final shape of the new AMT U.Series.


4 Ohms · Ø80 mm · Neodymium

The AMT U40W1.2 is the smallest model in the U.Series. It is suitable for 2-way table top speakers as well as for 3-way floor standing speakers. Thanks to its compact design, the AMT U40W1.2 can also be effortlessly integrated into Car-HiFi systems. Small as it is, it provides all the quality features of the AMT U.Series with Mundorf diaphragm: Exceptionally low K3 / K5 distortion data, a truly powerful music performance within the entire application range and, at the same time, the fine micro-dynamics and richness of music details that distinguish all Mundorf AMT’s.

Mundorf AMT U.Series tweeters are gaining more and more popularity among discerning DIY loudspeaker builders too. In order to meet their demands in terms of precise but easy baffle-front mounting and quality finish, from now on, every U.Series model will come also with an attractive black aluminum face plate. A precisely fitting cutout in the back of the 6mm! thick plate ensures that the AMT motor unit is perfectly centered and can be integrated flush into the loudspeaker baffle with an enlarged contact surface.


 Application (@12/6 db /octave) 3.5/5.0-40 kHz

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Technical Specifications

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Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm
Sensitivity at 2.83V/1m 92 dB
Application (@12/6dB.Oct) 3.5/5.0-40 Kilohertz
Dimensions Ø80xZ48 mm

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