Scan-Speak D3004/602000


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Scan-Speak D3004/602000 Illuminator


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Compact tweeter with 1″ soft dome, ring neodymium magnet, aluminium faceplate and house.

The small size of Scan-Speak D3004/602000 is employed without compromising sound quality, making this driver fully comparable to traditional Illuminator and Revelator series tweeters.

The sound transparent protective grill makes Scan-Speak Illuminator D3004/602000 the ideal choice for high-end car audio systems.


  • Nominal impedance [Zn]: 4 Ω
  • Recommended frequency range: 2.5…30 kHz
  • Resonance frequency [fs]: 700 Hz
  • Sensitivity [2.83 V⁄1m]: 89 dB
  • Power [P]: 50 W (RMS) ⁄ 130 W (max)

Additional information

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Technical Specifications



Size: 2.6 cm
  Fs: 700 Hz
  Re: 3 Ω
  Qt: 1.15
  Sensitivity: 89 dB
  VAS: 0.01 ltr.
  Sd: 7.0 cm²
  Bl: 1.7 Tm

Test results

Test results

Review in Voice Coil #1-2009 Magazine (in  English)


Review in CAR & HIFI #1-2010 Magazine (in German)


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