ABACUS Linetreiber variabel 2020


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Line driver with two mixed inputs and volume control

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  • Line driver outputs control cable characteristics and follower inputs
  • Operation as high-quality headphone amplifier through front-side 6.3mm jack socket
  • latest generation line driver modules
  • 2 stereo line inputs are mixed, i.e. both are output simultaneously
  • functions as ultra-compact 2-channel preamplifier
  • max. 5-fold voltage gain (+14 dB)
  • active volume control via ALPS RK27 potentiometer
  • gain by internal jumpers fixed 1:1 (0 dB) if desired
  • impedance converter: input impedance ~47 kOhm, output impedance ~0 Ohm
  • built-in linear power supply with toroidal transformer
  • on/off noise suppression
  • optimal also in connection with active speakers
  • robust, anodized aluminum housing
  • compact form factor
  • 3 years warranty

Application examples

Use as a line driver – adjustment of cable properties

Linetreiber variabel 2020 regelt Kabeleigenschaften aus

Sound influences due to cable properties (capacitance, inductance) and length are minimized. The signal is robust against disturbances affecting the cable on the signal path. Also the load from the follower input and its complex load characteristics (e.g. also capacitance) is compensated.

The output impedance of the line driver approaches 0 ohms. Its output is thus quasi load-independent.




Linetreiber as headphone amplifier

A headphone connected to a Linetreiber experiences the same advantages as a loudspeaker connected to an ABACUS power amplifier. The output stage takes the drive of the headphones electrically to the rod.Linetreiber Variabel als Kopfhörerverstärker

Due to the low impedance of the output, headphones with low impedance are no problem, but thanks to the relatively high possible output voltage of about 28Vpp, even high impedance headphones can be driven potently.





Use as audio splitter

Am Ausgang können mehrere Folgegeräte parallel angeschlossen werden

There are some use cases where an audio signal is to be distributed to several devices. This is the case, for example, with bi-/tri-amping or also when a signal is to be used in several rooms in a multi-room installation, for example. It may also be necessary if an active subwoofer is to be operated in parallel with a power amplifier or active speakers. The more slave inputs are to be supplied and the more different their characteristics are, the more the signal is loaded and influenced.

At the line driver output, the signal is so stable that it cannot be degraded by this. It can be split to a multitude of different inputs simply with a distribution cable or Y-adapter.


Mixing two signal sources

Linetreiber Vari 2020 als Signalmischer

The variable line driver 2020 has two equivalent line inputs, both of which can be used simultaneously and whose signals are simply mixed together 1:1. In this way, two source devices can be ready to play at the same time. This is useful, for example, if a TV or voice-controlled smart home device is to be used in addition to a music playback device and its audio output is to be kept available.

If only one source device is to be used, one input simply remains free. The inputs are internally terminated so that no interference signals are trapped either.

Use as a mini preamplifier for active loudspeakers

Der variable Linetreiber im Einsatz mit aktiven Lautsprechern wie der ABACUS C-Box

If only one or two source devices are to be used, the Line Driver variabel 2020 can be used as a minimalist preamplifier thanks to its volume control . The signal processing corresponds in its quality to that of the full-grown ABACUS preamplifiers and the output stage in the form of the line driver modules anyway.

So that no noise can occur when the line driver is switched on, a switch-on noise suppression is built in, which switches the outputs active only with minimal but sufficient delay.


Variable line driver for volume control

Der variable Linetreiber als hochwertige Lautstärkeregelung

Often, source devices do not have high-quality, analog volume control. In this case, stand-alone operation with active loudspeakers is uncomfortable. It may also be necessary to adjust the level of source devices.

With its high-quality, active and analog volume control, the Linetreiber variable is a problem solution here. The special feature here is that the adjustment is always active, regardless of whether amplification or attenuation is to take place. The signal is not amplified and then passively reduced by a voltage divider, as is often done, but only as much is amplified as is required. The same applies to attenuation, but with a factor smaller than 1.


Variable line driver as subwoofer controller

Variabler Linetreiber als Subwoofer-Controller

f an active subwoofer with mono input and built-in low-pass filter is to be used as support to active loudspeakers or a power amplifier with passive loudspeakers, the variable line driver 2020 can be used as a mono summing unit and at the same time for level adjustment of the subwoofer. For this purpose, the right and left channels are simply fed from the free preamplifier RCA output or via a RCA Y-cable into the respective left input of channels 1 and 2. The mono-summed signal for the subwoofer is now available at the left output and its level can be optimally adjusted at any time.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 250 × 212 × 53 cm


Technical Specifications

Feature: value:
Mains connection: 230 V AC, small appliance plug
Power consumption, idle: approx 3,2 W
Power consumption, maximum: approx 5 W
Signal input level, maximum: approx 30 Vss
Output level, maximum: approx 28 Vss
Input impedance: approx. 50 kΩ
Bandwidth in 1:1 position (-3 dB): approx. 2,0 Hz – 350 kHz
Output impedance (1 kHz sine into 50 ohms, 2 Vpp, 1:1 position): <0,025 Ohm
Output level (1 kHz sine into 50 ohms): approx. 14 Vss
Slew rate (an 50 Ohm): 10 V/µs
Inputs: 2x stereo RCA mixed
Gain: 0 – 5-fold (+14 dB)
dimensions housing (W x D x H): 120×156×50 mm
dimensions over all (W x D x H): 125×172×58,5 mm
Warranty: 3 years


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