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The Omnes Audio LoCo 6.1 is a 6 inch standard bass midrange driver with steel basket for beginners at a small price.

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Yes, MW6 B the price is hot.  The Omnes Audio MW6 B is a 6 inch standard bass-midrange element with steel basket, for beginners at a small price. We offer this “base” low-mid-range variant as an equivalent to the Omnes Audio T25H tweeter. Because it does not always have to be expensive to be really good! 

In the meantime a classic from the program of OmnesAudio.

Special feature: flat basket; Milling not necessary and thus easy installation


Fs 50Hz
Re 6.9 ohms
Rms 11.8133
Qms 2.5119
Qes 0.5335
Qt”s 0.440
Cms 0.6897
Mms 14.3096
BL 7.6761
VAS 17.229
dBSPL 89.8443
SD 134
R1kHz 9.20
R10kHz 21.49
Vc & nb9.20
R10kHz 21.49
Vc 25mm Kapton
Xmax +/- 4.1 mm

Outer diameter: 187mm

Outside / small: 166mm

Mounting diameter: 142mm

Depth: 92mm

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Test results

Hobby HiFi Heft 4/2017 Chassis Test Conclusion:
Omnes Audio LoCo 6.1:
Excellent acoustic quality at a competitive price. The name of the LoCo 6.1 from Omnes Audio is program: The abbreviation suggests – quite rightly – a proximity to “low cost”, ie “low cost”. With just 25 euros, the chassis is the just, rather not with its acoustic qualities: The fit much better in a higher price range.

Test Klang + Ton Issue 2/2017: Blue Planet Acosutic sent us a cheap and rather classic woofer. Our measurements attest to the excellent performance of the LoCo 6.1 up to a good 3 kilohertz – abovethe membrane breaks up into a number of, but largely harmless, resonances …. resonances and distortion are pleasingly well controlled – big praise for this driver, which only costs 25 euros. Conclusion: Extremely favorable mid-bass driver for a variety of applications.
The Omnes Audio LoCo 6.1 a 6 inch standard midrange driver with steel basket, for beginners for a small price.




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