Omnes Audio W8 Alu Silver


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20 cm (8 “) high-end woofer with sturdy aluminum membrane, sturdy aluminum die-cast basket and rubber surround

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20 cm (8 “) high-end woofer with rigid aluminum diaphragm, sturdy aluminum die-cast basket and rubber surround, with minimal mechanical and electrical losses due to pole core ventilation, ventilated centering and Kapton voice coil bobbins.
High momentum dynamics through lightweight aluminum membrane.
Excellent in 3-way combinations and conditionally suitable for 2-way systems.

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Technical Specifications

Transmission range: from 30 Hz (depending on housing) to 10.00 Hz (up to 2kHz usable transmission range)
Average sound pressure level 88 dB (1 W / 1 m)
Xmax: +/- 8 mm

Fs 35.89 Hz
Re 3.70 O
Sd 213.8246 cm²
Qms 4.99
Qes 0.49
Qts 0.45
Cms 0.5843 mm / N
Mms 33.6608 g
Rms 1.52 Om
Bl 7.53 N / A
dBspl 87.44
VAS 37.3005 L
Zmin 4.40 O
L1kHz 0.80 mH
L10kHz 0.31mH


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